With over 20 years of building experience, Beaumont Construction is qualified to evaluate, develop and deliver premium projects on budget and on schedule.

Beaumont Construction employs and partners with certified, licensed trade professionals. Specially certifications include septic systems, where qualified employees hold their Ontario Building Code – BCIN designation.


Beaumont Construction offers a variety of services to the owner, ranging from site development, septic design and construction, building structures and landscaping. With over 15 years of building experience Beaumont Construction is qualified to evaluate, develop and deliver the products owners contemplate to construct.

Beaumont Construction has the ability and expertise to assist with the required approvals for construction pursuant to every phase of the project.  These approvals, are mandated from several regulatory agents and may range from site plan applications, minor variances, septic approvals, building permit applications and occupancy requirements. Each step is contemplated, discussed and resolved in order to keep scheduling requirements on time.

Site Development

Beaumont Construction’s initial lead in to building began through development.  Much of this involved shoreline revitalization, in-ground swimming and recreation facilities and outdoor patio areas.  These external type projects incorporated design considerations with regards to topography, lot grading, site servicing and lighting.  All elements are equal to ensure successful design construction.

The staff of Beaumont Construction are skilled and qualified to operate respective machinery to achieve Site results and this machinery is also a part of the construction holdings.

Septic System

Beaumont Construction offers a unique expertise for the design and installation of septic systems.  Qualified staff at Beaumont Construction hold their Ontario Building Code – BCIN designation to be able to provide this service to owners, as well offer the experience of previous installations.


Beaumont Construction’s landscaping division offers a wide range of expertise.  The principal holds a horticultural and arborist designation which compliments field applications on any given project.  Design considerations are contemplated, then discussed with the owner and then executed.  This methodology ensures the objectivity of the design of the design in achieved and guarantees the aesthetic nature of this type of work is integrated.

Proper equipment is utilized and operated by staff to ensure that the site will be maintained in an orderly & safe manner, and native areas left undisturbed. Sensitivity to sustainable development is always considered.