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What We Do

At any age or stage of life, moving is stressful. With so much history and memories attached to your belongings the process of moving can be emotionally and physically overwhelming.

The Move Planners professionals take the stress, complications, and worry off your shoulders. We are proud to be able to offer a full line of moving services for those making a late life transition.



As Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists, we guide mature adults, going through middle and later life transitions, and their families through the physical and emotional upheaval of moving.

We are excited to be able to provide a one-stop, totally turnkey approach that no other business in the marketplace currently offers. We execute every aspect of the downsizing experience, over and above the “Selling and Buying”, not only by providing moving personnel and trucks, but also a caring, compassionate staff to accomplish the myriad of tasks needed to transition into a new home.

Who We Are

At the Move Planners, our experience sets us apart from any other senior move service. Co-owner Connie Campbell brings years of award-winning Real Estate Sales experience in selling and buying homes. Inspired to expand the level of service, she has offered assistance to her clientele with selling and buying their new home. Connie has experienced firsthand how traumatic it can be for anyone unsure of the process no matter what their age or situation. Furthermore, she understands the advanced difficulties that this poses for older clients in particular.

Going through the selling, buying and moving routine is second nature to me as I work with it on a daily basis. However, I have discovered that the typical older adult client was often overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done.
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell

Co-owner Sherry Campbell has 20 years of experience working with developmentally handicapped individuals. Her compassion for the elderly shows her dedication to help those who are most vulnerable regardless of their age or state of health.