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Choosing Your Future Lifestyle

Many adults hesitate to make a move when they are faced with the overwhelming prospect of downsizing a lifetime of possessions. Our caring professionals provide the organization, service, and support to streamline every kind of home transition.

Purchasing a smaller home might be a solution you are comfortable with. Sometimes we struggle with giving up our independence associated with home ownership. If this is the case, there are smaller freehold homes and condominium developments in our local communities that offer home ownership with reduced or minimal land and property maintenance. Trading the larger two storey home on a larger lot for a modest bungalow in a new subdivision can have its advantages. Not only is the maintenance of a newer home much easier, but new neighbourhoods often have young teens that can assist with lawn maintenance and snow removal. The utility savings when migrating to a smaller, newer home can also be beneficial.

Condominium developments are a popular option among older adults. Common expenses such as lawn care, snow removal, and structural upgrades (i.e. windows, roofs, etc.) are all covered by the condo corporations and make budgeting for the future much easier than with freehold home ownership. Retirement and 50+ communities are being built all over Simcoe County.

Retirement communities offer more variety of housing options than you may know. They are much more than the typical ‘nursing home’ used to be. The industry is embracing for a huge increase in growth as the “Baby Boomer” generation begins to need alternate housing solutions. These communities offer a wide range of opportunities such as detached, semi-detached, small apartment, and single room options.

Blended housing solutions would be defined as a single family home which has been modified to accommodate two living quarters. Different from second suites or basement apartments, these homes can be found or modified to meet the needs of today’s families wanting to cohabitate with their aging parents. Extreme diligence and advice should be sought to ensure any renovations or modifications would meet all current by-laws and fire code guidelines. Granny flat legislation is making these types of dwellings legal and conforming in several of our communities.

Housing Options in Simcoe County Our Communities

Simcoe County is a fabulous place for anyone to retire. Most of its major communities are between 1-1 ½ hours from Toronto via major highways, making it conveniently central for those who have family located around the GTA. It is ideal for the lifestyle you want, with people like you, who have earned the carefree life away from the rush of the city. It is all at your door – be as active as you like. Boating, fishing, golfing, skiing, bird watching, or take the time for a stroll to the lakes and waterfront beaches, it's all here in the utter peace of semi-urban living.

As Barrie is the largest urban area of the county, it can also be the most costly to purchase a home. Those facing retirement and limited budgets might want to consider a more rural community. Most of Simcoe County’s larger communities offer medical facilities, shopping, public transit and other amenities.

Collingwood is a wonderful place to retire, especially if you are active in your retirement years. With skiing and golfing being the pulse of this community, those seeking physical activities all year round will enjoy all that the area has to offer. The Collingwood housing market is influenced by the recreational market as well as the young retirees. Prices in this area are very comparable to Barrie.

These two communities are very affordable if you are considering purchasing a smaller home. The average price for a smaller bungalow can be $20,000 - $30,000 less than in the more urban areas in the county.

Orillia offers a lifestyle for those looking for a small town environment. Waterfront lifestyles for the avid boater, golfing, and casino entertainment are only a few of its best features. Located on a major highway, it offers easy access back to the city.

Wasaga Beach
Wasaga Beach is quickly becoming one of the area’s most popular places to retire. Retirement housing is being built at an astonishing rate. Whether you are interested in freehold or condominium housing, the area offers one of the largest concentration of “age appropriate” housing at very affordable prices. Similar to other small town communities, housing prices can be an average of $15,000-$20,000 less than in Barrie or Collingwood.