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Why is moving older adults different? When an older adult moves, they downsize; they don't take everything with them. Currently they must work with many different companies when relocating. Anticipating the large amount of physical work and time involved to move a home can be often times overwhelming and paralyzing for an older adult and their family.

With a wide array of in-house services, including the actual moving, the Move Planners are here to help you before, during, and after your move.

  • Free In Home Consultation for Full Move Management Services
  • Current housing assessment – To determine if selling is the proper option for the client
  • Review of new residence alternatives
  • Comprehensive “Move Plan” is developed to meet individual client need
  • Space planning to ensure new housing needs are met
  • Preparing your house to sell - home staging, painting, updating (if necessary)
  • Furniture placement in new home
  • House clearing, purging and de-cluttering
  • Disposal of unwanted items
  • Estate and consignment sales
  • Sorting and packing for disbursement of items
  • Packing for the move to your new residence
  • Handling all aspects of moving day
  • Unpacking and new home setup
  • Local and long distance moving 

A Custom Move Plan is a Roadmap for Success

Providing our clients with a compass and a roadmap for a complete late life move.

To assist you in planning your relocation, a Move Managing Consultant will conduct an interview to determine your specific downsizing needs and create a comprehensive relocation plan. On-site evaluations of the current home as well as the potential new home are available.

A custom Move Plan is developed and the clients can review it with their family members to determine whether they will require some or all of the services.

In some cases, purchasing the Move Plan is all that is necessary when friends and family are close by and have the time to help. In other cases, the client may elect to hire The Move Planners for only part of the services outlined in the plan.

The tasks required are identified and broken down into an estimation of hours to complete. Each move is different, and the needs of each client are evaluated on an individual basis. The hourly rate of our services will be discussed with the client and will be written into their contract.

The Move Planner Consultant will provide as many or as few services as the individual client needs and requests, and the client may modify those requests at any time as the job progresses. Each plan is totally customizable and can be added to or changed at any time throughout the project. As the project progresses you may decide you need more help, or you may find you or your family are able to do more than you anticipated.