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The Move Planners Process

Preparation For The Move

Your New Home Setting

New Home Preparation

Other Services

A professionally trained Project Manager will be onsite at all times to ensure that every detail of your move is handled with dignity and respect and completed to your satisfaction. We will provide a single point of contact for our senior clients, their caregivers, and housing administrators throughout the relocation process.

We'll remove all moving supplies and can reassemble your entire home or simply assemble your kitchen, bedroom and bath. Even selecting the basic set up package will give you the ability to comfortably begin living in your new home immediately and you can continue to unpack at your own pace. At the end of the project, it won't look like moving day. You'll look like you've lived there for year.

Preparation for the move

  • Packing, including supplies
  • Sorting and tagging of belongings
  • Organizing/clearing out your home
  • Delivery or shipment of heirlooms to loved ones
  • Heirloom shipment and delivery
  • Relocation assessment consultation

Settling in your new home

  • Unpacking of household items
  • Complete assembly of the kitchen, bedroom and bath
  • Hanging of pictures, drapes and shower curtain
  • Ensure utilities are working
  • Removal of moving supplies
  • Furniture placement

Preparation of your new home

  • Shop for new items
  • Arrange for transportation or other special needs
  • Assembly of shelving units, custom closets or new items
  • Memory placement, arranging the new home in a familiar fashion
  • Arrange for transportation of clients and pets
  • Transport of medical equipment

Other Services

  • Antique appraisal, estate sale, charity donations
  • Cleaning and preparation of old home for sale or rental
  • Home clearing, including appliances
  • Multiple pick-up and delivery stops
  • Assembly of purchased items
  • In-house moves within a retirement community